What is e-commerce marketplace?

E-commerce marketplaces are like the real marketplace, where the infrastructure is built up and maintained by a single organization like government or any other funding agency and multiple merchants opens store in the market place. The merchants in the marketplace pay a certain percentage of sales or a fixed amount of sale as a fee to the market place owner. Most famous e-commerce marketplace in the world is eBay and Amazon. An exact definition of e-commerce marketplace is as follows. The e-marketplace is a virtual marketplace where buyers and suppliers meet to exchange information about product and service offers, and to negotiate and carry out business transactions (Archer and Gebauer 2000). Furthermore, in the age of the Internet and with the emergence of new information and communication technologies, the e-marketplace is a Web-based information system, where multiple suppliers and multiple buyers can undertake business transactions via the Internet.

How e-commerce market places differ from an e-commerce website?

  • An e-commerce website is owned and managed by a single organization to sell their products online. But online store is a platform where different ventures can sell their products online.
  • In the case of an e-commerce website all the risk like storage and maintenance of data, authentication of transactions, etc. are on the venture side, but in the case of an e-commerce marketplace all these risks will be taken care by the marketplace venture.
  • For a start up online store it is very difficult to get traffics to their website unless they do some serious SEO. But in the case of an e-commerce marketplace the marketplace is already having huge number of visitors every day and your visibility will be high.

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Best E-commerce Websites in USA

United States of America (US) is the country which is holding large number of e-commerce consumers. Almost every citizen of the country is now utilizing the online storage services to buy and sell products. Among the e-commerce websites that are operating in the country Amazon.com ranked number one. Amazon is selling all kinds of products that are available in the retail market. In 2014 Amazon.com is planning to introduce Amazon Prime Air service which will deliver the ordered products within 30 minutes using small flying robots. This project is waiting for the approval by the government.

Staples is the second e-commerce website in the US, according to the revenue reports. Staples focusing on selling office related products such as office machines, promotional products, furniture, technology and business services.

The Apple Inc online store is the next top online store operating in the United States of America. Apple online stores sell almost all products of Apple Inc such as Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, Mobile phones and tablets. This store offers a wide variety of payment options such as Credit Cards or Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, Barclaycard, Visa Cards, Apple Business Lease (AFS Commercial Credit), Apple Store Gift Card, Bill Me Later© (Consumer and Education Individuals).

Like Aplles’s online store the Computer manufacturer Dell Inc also have online stores to sell their computers and other related products. They sell products like personal computers, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals, HDTVs, cameras, printers, MP3 players and also electronics built by other manufacturers.

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